Thermoforming machines are indispensable in the plastics industry. Know that you can easily find these devices from manufacturers or online distributors. With the latter technique, the purchase of this equipment is notably more convenient. Understand through this article how this device works, and how to get it.


Thermoforming is a technique of shaping flexible sheet material (glass, plastic, molten metal) by molding, under the effect of heat. By the action of this heat, the material softens. Combined with the thermocompression method, the malleable material is pushed against a concave or convex mold by vacuum air pressure or mechanical force to cool the object before demolding. An electric thermoforming machine is therefore easy to use. It consists of a control mechanism, a heating body and a molding frame. On the control panel is the on/off button of the machine. Also included on the control panel are buttons for setting temperature, molding time and pressure. The heating element is placed right next to the molding frame to heat the material plate, and soften it. The forming of the material takes place in this frame. The setting of the temperature, timer and pressure depends on the thickness and type of material used and the shape of the finished product. In the case of mechanical force, a lever arm is used to compress the soft material against the mold.


One of the advantages of buying a heat press machine online is that you can specify your order to the supplier. In fact, there are a few criteria to consider before choosing the machine. The characteristics of the mold to be integrated inside the machine depend on the type of material, and the shape of the final object. Most molds are made of aluminum, but some manufacturers offer other materials such as epoxy or heat-resistant wood. There is a range of cold and hot thermo-compression machines. Cold compression is done under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure of 1 bar, while hot thermocompression machines can reach pressures of up to 3 or 4 bars. The choice of the machine also depends on the shape of the material to be thermoformed, and plastics are often in the form of a coil. It is therefore preferable to choose a machine for films. If you are using sheet material, choose a plate machine. However, it is important to know in advance the thickness of the material in order to choose the right machine, as some machines can be up to 15 mm thick.


Several suppliers offer a wide variety of thermo-compression and thermoforming machines on their online platform. A simple search on the internet allows you to find a manufacturer or a distributor experienced in this field. You will be able to place your orders on their website, and request home delivery. Before concluding any transaction, take the time to request a quote. Moreover, you can do this with all e-providers to compare costs and services. Although there are relatively complex models, you will be able to customize the operating parameters according to your needs. It is a particular advantage to buy a thermoforming machine online. The best advice to follow is to trust a company specialized in this field, especially to guarantee you a product adapted to your needs.